Our website meets AA W3C Level 2 Web standards.

We are continually enhancing our web environment to increase accessibility and usability for all of our translators and clients.  We strive to achieve AA accessibility standards as set out by the World Wide Web Consortium’s (W3C).

Navigate by headings

We have structured our website so that each section on each page is labelled with a heading. These headings are formatted in such a way that your screen reader can identify them, helping you locate more easily the information which you need.

Descriptive link text

In order to help you find what you are looking for more easily, on this website we use descriptive link text everywhere we can. Where this is not possible, we shall include additional text before or after the link which can be picked up by screen reader users, ensuring the destination of every link is clear for everyone.

Upgrade to Adobe Acrobat Reader® version 2020.12 or higher

InfoMarex Translations creates its .pdf files with ABBYY FineReader v. 14. Therefore in order to access the .pdf files on our website, you will also need to upgrade your Adobe Acrobat Reader® to version 2020.012 or higher, by clicking on the underlined link.

Control font sizes

You can control the font size of each page using your internet browser settings. Our pages are constructed so that the font will resize without significantly changing the layout of our webpages.

 Technical stuff