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If you want to register as a new translator with InfoMarex Translations,
click here.

If you already have registered as a translator with InfoMarex and wish to
update your data,
click here.

Language translators with a minimum of two years' professional experience
are invited to register their details with us. There is NO fee charged to
translators for inputting their details.

Translators must supply a CV-résumé so as confirm their status and they
will be contacted by InfoMarex Translations as and when suitable projects
arise, in line with the details supplied by the translator to our database,
and the translator's background and experience shown in the CV-résumé submitted.

A translator's details inserted into the InfoMarex Translations database will
NOT be registered until the translator's status has been confirmed by receipt
of a correct CV-résumé.

A translator's details are NEVER revealed to a third party.





All the translators on our database panel are professional translators with, at least, two years' experience as professionals.

Statistical facts of note about the InfoMarex database:

  • 61% of our translators have a primary university degree.
  • 23% have a master's degree.
  • 6% have a doctorate.


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