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Fees chargeable to clients

Fee structures and procedures

Translation fees are charged by InfoMarex Translations by the source wordcount. In this way, the client will have a clear knowledge beforehand of the cost involved.

Documents are sent to InfoMarex Translations in electronic format and where requested InfoMarex Translations will always give a quotation by
return in euro (€), stating the timeframe. 

Normal business correspondence documents 

InfoMarex Translations' rate per word is €0.13 for most of the world's principal languages.  A text of 1,000 words therefore costs €130.

InfoMarex Translations' rate per word is €0.15 for Scandinavian and the lesser used languages of the world.

Legal, financial, medical, heavily formatted, and specific domain documents

InfoMarex Translations' rate is normally €0.14 per word.

Proofreading, copy-editing and editing 

InfoMarex Translations' rate is normally €0.03 per word.

Certificates, diplomas, academic transcripts

InfoMarex Translations' fee is normally around €35 per page.  This includes translation, certification where required, VAT if applicable, and the return of hard copy printed documents by registered post where required.

Value Added Tax (VAT)

Value Added Tax (VAT) is charged where obligatory. Click HERE to find out
where and when VAT applies.

Minimum fee

InfoMarex Translations reserves the right to charges a minimum fee of €30 for texts of less than 250 words.

Urgent or express texts

Where the client requests an urgent translation, within a do-able time frame,
InfoMarex Translations' charges 50% extra on the normal rate.

Payment of invoices

A client invoice must be paid within 15 days of the date of the invoice:
  • preferably by electronic fund transfer to our bank account whose details are always given on the invoice, or
  • by Irish cheque or international bank draft to our postal address, or
  • by PayPal or Skrill to





All the translators on our database panel are professional translators with, at least, two years' experience as professionals.

Statistical facts of note about the InfoMarex database:

  • 61% of our translators have a primary university degree.
  • 23% have a master's degree.
  • 6% have a doctorate.


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