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Useful programmes

The following are some of the programmes which we have used successfully over the years. Some are the very best. Other are, by no means, the worst. Some have to be purchased. Some of the programmes are free. Some suggest a voluntary donation.

ABBYY              To convert all sorts of files to other types of file [Paid]
Anycount            To count words, etc. in a file [Paid]
CoffeeCup         To edit your own HTML files [Paid]
Convert              To convert some 22 types of measurements [Free]
CuteFTP            To transfer of files from website to website [Paid]
Foxit                   To handle .zip and other types of files [Paid]
F-Prot                 The best and least expensive for virus protection [Paid]
IrfanView            To handle, changes and view images [Donation]
MicroSoft           The Word suite of document-handling [Paid]
Pegasus             The best eMail package to be found [Donation]
PerfectIt              The best editing programme around [Paid]
ProZ                   An international database for terminologies [Free/paid]
SolidConverter   To convert all sorts of files to other types of file [Paid]
Spotify                To listen to music [Free and paid]
WinZip                To compact [zip] files for ease of transfer [Paid]

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